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Ibiza is not all about the partying.

It's a fantastic place to relax and unwind too.

If you are after head to toe pampering or just need a professional hand getting ready to go out.

Our hair stylists, beauticians, masseuses are on call to leave you feeling rejuvenated and looking your best.

Experienced therapists, yoga instructors and personal trainers will keep you fit while in Ibiza.

Not one for lounging around or sunbathing?

Explore a different side to Ibiza. Try anything from a coastal stand-up paddle or kayak excursion ,horse ride through the heart of the countryside or mountain bike Ibiza's many bike track's.

The big kids amongst you will enjoy challenging your friends at paint-balling and go-carting and the more adventurous may want to get there hair wet scuba diving or learning to surf.


Why not let us you schedule an activity or wellness day for you and your friends?